A BONFIRE is a place to gather, share meaningful meetings & keep hope aliveĀ  ...

The BONFIRE Project originally took place over 8 weeks in 2023. Participants could join the project in different levels of engagement:

  • BONFIRE THREAD: Around 50 people from 9 different countries followed the project via a WhatsApp Thread – here they received invitations to upcoming episodes, traces from previous episodes, small tasks and invitations to bonus episodes and the possibility to chat and share with each other.
  • BONFIRE EPISODES: Each ‘episode’ consisted of a 1-2 hour workshop or event that took place live, as a physical event and online. Each ‘episode’ investigated a different theme through a participatory audio, poetic experiences and framed conversation. These ‘episodes’ were presented in co-operation with our project partners, who gathered local participants. These local participants then met with online participants from the Thread.
  • BONFIRE SITE: After each episode took place, content from the episode was uploaded onto this website. Here it is possible to see traces from these live gatherings, try the participatory audios and explore the episode themes for yourself.

Over the 8 weeks, there were around 150 active participants in the project from countries including France, Belgium, Ukraine, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa and USA.

The BONFIRE is still burning …

Each episode of The BONFIRE Project is available as a 1-2 hour event which can be booked by schools, culture houses, community groups and festivals.

If you would like to know more, please write to: sj(at)art-of-listening.org